What's Important Is Feeling: Stories, by Adam Wilson

denden's review against another edition

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adventurous challenging dark sad medium-paced
  • Strong character development? N/A
  • Loveable characters? N/A
  • Diverse cast of characters? N/A
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes


rtimmorris's review

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Of the 12 short stories contained within these pages, I really only enjoyed 5 of them: the first 4 and #6. So as you can imagine things went pretty slow during the last half of the book. If I was only rating the first half, I'd be hard-pressed not to give What's Important Is Feeling a 4/5, probably even a 4 1/2.
The stories I enjoyed contained so much raw heartbreak, angst and coming-of-age. I would not hesitate to read a full-length novel by Adam Wilson as his voice is unique in both its humor and tragedy.

alanfederman's review

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My initial reason for choosing this book is that the author went to Tufts (as did I) and worked at my favorite book store (Book Court) and lives in Brooklyn (as do I), so it seemed like I should. And upon further diligence (and NOT cyber-stalking) I deduced that I had his father as an English professor. All that said, the best reason for choosing this book should be the writing. The stories capture so many cringe-worthy moments of life with tenderness and that right mix of humor where you don't know if you should laugh or cry or both. I can't wait to read more.