7 Billion Needles, Vol. 4, by Nobuaki Tadano

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For the full series:

A decent-enough Parasyte rip that actually gets a surprising, intriguing hook halfway through, then wastes it on a typical "should humans go into the big biological soup" thing.

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This review is for all four volumes of 7 Billion Needles.

This was on the border of being really interesting and making absolutely no sense to me. Everything was good until volume three when the subspecies and the Moderator were the focal point and things got very science-fictiony. It was intense.

I think that ultimately the series was about friendship. It seems so simple and almost cheesy after all that, but when it all came down to it there seemed to be the overriding theme of loneliness. Once Hikaru was taken in by Nao and Saya she wasn't so lonely and was able to open up more. Which then prompted her to help Chika who she saw as herself before Nao and Saya. Hikaru became a spectator (who actually mostly just ignored everyone) to an active human. She participated in life which ended up allowing her to save the world.

More sci-fi than I usually read, but I enjoyed it thoroughly!

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A satisfying end to one of the best things I've read in a long time. While the narrative is much shorter, 7 Billion Needles is easily on par with Evangelion or Akira in terms of depth and storytelling.

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review to come soon