My Maddie, by Tillie Cole

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Flame knows that he still isn’t safe for Maddie to be around and her announcement makes him distance himself even further. Maddie knows that Flame loves her and will love the life they are creating - but knows that he is terrified to lose someone else. Can these two fight to find peace and a future together?

I have read every book in this series in order and this is the first time I have been... let down. I love Maddie and Flame their first book shook me to the core - going so far as to rip out my heart dance a jig and then shove it back in to my chest. And I loved it. So when I saw there would be another Maddie and Flame book I was psyched!

Unfortunately - this one missed the mark for me. I was expecting to finally see some more of other characters (side eye at Smiler, Viking and Ash) but really what I read felt more like repeat of a storyline with some character assassination for flavor. This is also the first time that the violence and pain felt gratuitous. It also felt like this was all a set up for future books - which I totally get has to happen for the storylines to continue.

I should say that Maddie freaking saved not only Flame but this book! She is still this woman who is full of dark and pain but only sheds light on the world and people around her with her enormous heart and her faith in someone that no one else has faith in.

I will definitely wait with (some) patience for the next Hades installment - maybe the next heroine will pick up a gun and fight back that way?

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I am unsure how to properly convey my feelings about this book. It was sad. It was depressing. But yet, it wasn’t. It felt a bit over the top in all the sadness and flames.

I loved Flame and Maddie’s first book but this one felt forced to me. It was non stop flames and Flame’s past harmful actions. I honestly felt nothing. I know I should feel something, but I just didn’t.

I cared more about Ash than I did Flame. I want his book. I want his healing. I want him to get over all his current flame stuff and find his peace.

I’m bummed I didn’t like this more. I think it’s me. I don’t usually like stories about past couples. Extra drama doesn’t appeal to me, which is probably why Ash’a parts were my favorite. It’s still good, as many people write their 4/5 star reviews, but not what I wanted.

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yay, i made it. i finished this series in a month. i'd like to thank my sister for all her support while i came screaming about explicit rape scenes, someone being burned/tortured etc. without her i would have taken a lot longer