Blue Beetle, Vol. 2: Blue Diamond, by Ig Guara, Tony Bedard

birdmanseven's review

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I like the character and was ready to roll with it, but this volume can't seem to settle on a tone. We go from Jaime on the run in the city to Jaime plotting to destroy an entire world. Also, the Lantern Corp was there for a sec, and Booster Gold for a hot minute. Not quite. On to Rebirth!

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raul_reyes's review

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I definitely liked the first volume better, but vol 2 was still entertaining, and action packed.
I really liked the appearance of the green lanterns, and booster gold
This series had so much potential and don’t understand why they cancelled it ,but hopefully the threshold series can give closure to some of the plots that went unresolved.


olsenc's review

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Really enjoying the New 52 Blue Beetle story lines. The artwork and character development in this volume are especially well done.