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Very Sherlock Holmes'esk written in a similar style, but with a more likeable character in Hazel. The stories were more fun than thrilling, but a quick read that was enjoyable.

enidsorko's review against another edition

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A fun listen- stories are very much like Sherlock Holmes in that sometimes the detective does things to solve the case that you don't know about until the very end, so you cannot fully solve the case yourself. I listened to it mostly because Benedict Cumberbatch read the audiobook. A fun quick book.

tombomp's review against another edition

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As stories, they're pretty slight, but the author's attention to meticulous (although impossible to actually picture or tell whether it's realistic) detail about the action is an interesting feature. The main character's health system is a bit overdone but also kind of hilarious - you might think of oatmeal and lentils as health foods but Dutch cheese is an odd one - but his fourth "healthiest foods" pick is uh... macaroni???? The writing is heavily indebted to Sherlock Holmes although it lacks Doyle's panache.

contains 2 stories that are anti strikers so it's bad. quite a few stories are really just about the mechanics of the railway and disrupting them a bit with the background basically meaningless. he does provide diagrams for quite a few of these but it's still hard to picture