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One thing I really liked about this collection is that most of the writers were women.
Also didn’t find any duds in this one.

Even The Queen by Connie Willis (
Set in a world where science has made it so unless actively trying to conceive women no longer have to experience a period. There is a bit tongue in cheek humor regarding feminist theory going to extreme.

Lovestory by James Patrick Kelly (
A weird imagining of a world where there are three genders and how love binds the three together

Jenny by Melanie Tem (
Not really Science Fiction it is instead horror. After a young girl dies the story deals with how her mother allows the grief to take over and control more and more of the family.

A Touch of Lavender by Megan Lindholm (
A young boy deals with the loss of the one father figure he has ever had, while dealing with his mother’s alien drug addiction, and the birth of his sister who may or may not be an alien. Sad.

Tiger I by Tanith Lee (
The closest, for me, to a dud. A woman gives birth to sentient large cats.

Bibi by Mike Resnick and Susan Schwartz ( (
The longest of the stories. Heart stirring story set in the 90’s dealing with the aids crisis in the US gay community and the wholesale eradication of villages by the disease in Africa. A bit of a commentary on the “white messiah” belief that is prevalent among fiction where a white person fixes a different race’s problems. Still it has a mixed message as the “White Messiah” is black and eventually it is the white guy who understands and learns how to help.

Reflections on Life and Death by Kristine Kathryn Rush (
A mother dealing with the impending death of her mother juxtaposed against how her mother handled her own mothers death. A bit hard and scary for me to read.

Nine-Tenths of the Law by Susan Casper ( Humorous story about the Mother who refuses to let such a simple thing such as death keep her from meddling in her daughter’s life.

Mrs Lincoln’s China by M. Shayne Bell (
A mother in a world on the verge of apocalypse tries to save something nice.