Hawkeye #11, by Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero, Julian Tedesco

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The Best Of: Hawkeye #11

1. "It's moments like this... that you truly begin to question how far 'super villain father apples' fall from 'super hero daughter trees.' What you're capable of and why. If somehow, when you weren't looking, you crossed a line. And if so, how on Earth you get back."

2. Kate getting the truth from her dad, accepting it, and deciding she cannot forgive him. Kate, I support you, and I hope one day you forgive yourself.

3. How incompetent Madame Masque's minions are and how Kate easily kicks all of their butts.

4. Kate punching Madame Masque in the Kate clone body. God, that's so satisfying for both Kate and for the reader.

5. Ramona telling Johnny to call Rivera, and Johnny's already on that. Also, they have Rivera's number? Beautiful.

6. "But that's not my real problem. My real problem is I'm looking at an ocean of failure and regret. My mom. My dad. Myself. And what that all means about who I might be destined to become."

7. Detective Rivera once again being an absolute gem. She knew Kate was the real Kate because she's never seen her not injured? I love it.

8. Kate's friends being absolutely lovely and supportive about her super villain dad just as we knew they would be. The friendship moments in this are just prime.

Spoiler KATE KISSES JOHNNY. YESS! I do slightly ship Kate/America, but I can't have that I will take Kate/Johnny.

10. "You never know when it's going to be the last time you'll see someone. It's always a surprise. If only you'd have paid more attention. Memorized the curves of her face. The way your mouth already looked like hers."

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