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Girlhood, by Melissa Febos

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anniefwrites's review

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challenging dark emotional hopeful reflective sad tense medium-paced


Wow. You know a book is good when you want to go back and reread it right away. Melissa Febos's essay collection attributes microscopic attention to her past and finds common threads that weave together internalized misogyny, lack of agency, and stifled exploration of identity and sexuality. She has such a distinct voice and uses such inventive imagery to welcome the reader into her exhibition of vulnerability. For lack of a better word, this book is full of truth-bombs. I highlighted so much, and it's making me reflect on my own experiences as a girl growing up in a patriarchal society. An excellent read.

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clarabooksit's review

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challenging dark emotional reflective medium-paced


These essays pack a punch: some are difficult to read, some are hopeful, and all are thoughtful and thought-provoking. (Definitely heed the content warnings and let me know if you’d like further info on them.)

Febos’ writing is vulnerable and engaging. She has a gift for making a personal story a shared experience with the reader—it’s not just words on paper but an invitation to understanding. I particularly loved her discussions around consent, which made me reshape my thinking on the subject. Likewise, what she has to say about feeling unsafe in all sorts of circumstances really resonated with me.

Overall, this book made me feel seen, I loved it, and you should read it.

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