In the High Valley, by Susan Coolidge

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A wonderful end to the What Katy Did series. I always thought that this book was more of a prolonged epilogue - nothing much happens, but the characters are so delightful that one can't help turning the page!

elenia's review

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This was the least enjoyable of the five books in the series. Maybe it was because the (nominal) main characters did not seem to be the subject of the book - rather the focus switched back and forth without any true protagonist, but also without managing to make me feel quite as involved in any of the characters lives as I have previously done. I also knew how the book would end very early on - with the other four, there was an element of surprise that is sorely lacking here. Still, a very easy read, and it ties up some ends long-term fans might have otherwise not realised were left loose. Elsie's character, in particular, blossomed out right into its own.

wordnerdy's review

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OK, I think I see why these last two weren't in print when I was a kid--they are super boring compared to the first three. This last one in particular is kind of a dud. It introduces a couple of new characters, but one isn't interesting and the other is pretty insufferable, at least until Clover teaches her otherwise, of course. And they then inevitably get married off, also of course. There's no conflict in these last two books and there's less cute stuff in this one, because Clover and Elsie are grown and married. What a disappointment this was!