Aunt Edwina's Wonderful Legacy by Lynne Christensen

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funny inspiring lighthearted medium-paced


I received a copy of Aunt Edwina's Wonderful legacy from the author. This does not  affect my review 

In Aunt Edwina's Wonderful Legacy, Julie, Gertie, Ewan and the rest  return, along side some new zany characters! Julie's genealogical research facility is  launching, and it's time to help others explore their family mysteries! 

What a fun read! I couldn't put it down. I really felt like there was a stronger flow to this book than the first one of the series. I  loved the way the characters new and old interacted. 

I really wanna see more of Julie and Ewan together!! They're both so sweet,  I just  want them to be together. 

I really love getting to know geneology.  It's so much fun getting to know the research techniques,  while solving mysteries