The Rifters, by M. Pax

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Earl Blacke is stuck in a time that is not his own (present time) after passing through a portal. He has made a good life for himself though, and now he makes sure that nothing else can enter through that very same gate, but something got through and it wanted his girl, Charming. When Charming escapes through the rift with a strange human-looking man, Earl has to keep her disappearance a secret.

At the same time, Daelin, Charming’s sister, has just arrived in town hoping for a fresh start after losing her job in NYC. She encounters countless small-town folks, all of them a bit odd, which made them all so much fun! I enjoyed the references to books and writing that M. PAX added to Daelin’s perspective. It was a perfect touch for a character who accepts a position at a library. Daelin is a wonderful character. I fell for her immediately. She is spunky and tough, and has a love for literature.

Beaked phantoms, resurrected cowboys, headless people, ghosts, and murder makes this story a very entertaining read.

In the beginning I did find myself confused about Earl and his past as we don’t get to read about his time in 1888 as an outlaw or how he went through the rift. However, as I kept reading things started to make sense and the questions lingering in my head were answered one by one.

abkeuser's review against another edition

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The first two chapters are confusing, with no likable characters and difficult dialog. I didn’t continue on because I wasn’t curious enough about what was happening.
There’s something to be said for opening in media res, but this book doesn’t give you anything resembling a lifeline. It starts with a chapter where everyone but you knows what’s going on (and they aren’t sharing) and then switches POV to a character who’s just as in the dark as you… and who doesn’t learn anything in her first perspective chapter.
The sentence structure is confusing and blocky, with odd allusions that make no sense. There were too many questions without a hint of an answer. That does not bode well for the rest of the book, so I doubt I’ll be returning to this one.

donnek's review

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Ok, so I'm halfway through this book and I'm still struggling to connect to any of the characters, plus the plot is kind of boring. Every time I pick it up, 15min later I'm totally bored and looking for something (anything) else to do.

Thinking at this point, I'll toss it and start another book.