A Lethal Legacy, by Heather Graham

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Another great book in this series! Loved the mystery, and the history that they delved into! And a case that was brought to their attention because of Craig, not Kieran! Great read!

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Heather Graham is an author I have been trying to catch up with along with Anne Stuart and Linda Howard coz even though romantic suspense is a favorite genre of mine, I have missed out on reading most books by these authors. Heather Graham additionally has the psychic angle in some of her books which makes it even more exciting. A Lethal Legacy was, however, an OK read for me, YES, of course, there’s the romance and the mystery of the buried treasure and murder but the description of the history of the place was way too much information for me to process.

Douglas Island has always been believed to be cursed so when Finn Douglas and his friend Frank arrive there to consider the construction of a getaway, little did they expect that the deaths would soon follow. Finn calls in his cousin Craig and his partner Kieran to help and soon bodies began to tumble out of the closet or rather caves as more sinister discoveries are made.

The story was interesting but not gripping enough, I didn’t feel that heightened danger that should have marked the caves and its underground caverns. The historical data pertaining to Vikings, Norsemen, Knights Templar, Scots, Ark of Covenant, and whatnot was exhaustive but lacking in the thrill factor. The suspense element was great as I never guessed that particular ending, but in all, I did wish for a more stunning impact.

This is once again my failed audiobook trial that I completed by reverting to the e-book, but I did persist till about 70% this time, so that’s progress indeed.

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Another solid entry in the series. I love Kieran Finnegan and Craig Frazier. Each is an interesting character but together they are lovely. I appreciate that each of them understands how special what they have together is and how lucky they are. This is set on Douglas Island off of New York City. Craig's cousin Finn owns the island and wants to make it into a resort destination. Finn's friend dies in what the NYPD is ready to rule an accident. Finn asks Craig to take a look. Craig quickly determines there is more going on the island. We have aliens, Knights Templar, Norse, Vikings and the Arc of the Covenant in play. A fascinating story with fascinating characters that was well resolved.

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I got this audiobook for free ages ago and finally listened to it. I think it’s the third or fourth in a series, so relationships were already well-established, which I liked. The ending didn’t hold up well for me, but I’m definitely going to get the first in this series soon.

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Templars, Vikings, hidden treasure (and/or the Ark) in labyrinthine caves, and mysterious deaths, all on a private isolated island. Just too much trying to be crammed in.