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Bloody Spade, by Brittany M. Willows

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Thank you to the author, Brittany M. Willows, for providing a digital copy of Bloody Spade for review.

"Bravery is the absence of fear in the face of danger. Courage is about facing danger in spite of the fear.

It's time to be perfectly honest: I have never found a self-published book that I actually enjoyed. Often, they're challenging to read because of the excessive world-building or over-explanation of minute details. That being said, The Bloody Spade blew me away!
I was hooked from the get-go, with the almost Aladdin-like vibes of the opening chapters. I wanted to know more about the morally grey Iori and the incredible magic system (revolving around ink monsters and a deck of cards) that was introduced right away. There wasn't a super slow world-building montage that lasted for most of the book. Nope. This book jumped right into the good stuff!

Ellen didn't fascinate me at first, though I did find her to be quite sweet - if not a bit naive. It took very little time for my indecisiveness about her character to vanish. She's precious and worth protecting at all costs. I appreciated her willingness to see the good in people who maybe didn't deserve it. Without her, the story would've lacked the sugar it needed to combat all the intense action and adventure.

There were a few moments that felt really predictable for me. The story was definitely not lacking in foreshadowing, but I didn't mind. It didn't take away from the thrill. And there were definitely plenty of thrilling moments. I found myself holding my breath during some intense scenes and urging the characters to make certain choices during others. It's not a particularly short book, but it will hold your attention from the beginning to the cliffhanger end.

I appreciated several additions: trigger/content warning page at the beginning of the book, a doctor requesting consent from a patient before touching them, and LGBTQIA+ representation (pansexual and asexual MCs, as well as several demisexual, bisexual, and even aromantic characters).

I'm anxiously anticipating the sequel to this book. I really can't wait to see what happens next to our incredible cast of characters and this unique world!

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