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I was hopeful that the 25th anniversary edition would be something that would be enjoyed by the original fans of the TV series instead of just good for people who have enjoyed the most recent run of Slayer comics. This was not the case. You definitely need to be up to date with the current run in order to enjoy this which feels wrong for an "anniversary" celebration.

When I started the newest run of Buffy reimaginings I kind of enjoyed some of the changes but it quickly went off the rails and reading the latest installment, which was the first little vignette in this collection, proves that I shouldn't keep up with the current run because it was silly and not enjoyable. The artwork is too cutesy for the the material and doesn't vibe at all.

And the worst thing was the little scene at the end with Spike. I really like Spike as a character and this was just cringe.

Very disappointed.