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Birds of California, by Katie Cotugno

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After graduating, I worked at an indie bookstore & had the pleasure of interviewing Katie Cotugno as part of a YA Author’s Panel. She was wonderful: relatable & sharp. Her personality infuses her writing with these same qualities. I was thrilled to see she was writing an Adult Romance title. It didn’t disappoint. I devoured this book, about the former child stars of a sort-of Full House/Hannah Montana mash-up, in 24 hours. 
TW: sexual abuse, PTSD.

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booksbytheglass's review

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emotional informative reflective slow-paced


ahhh the good ol life of hollywood :’)

fiona st james went off the rails a few years ago, as most former child movie stars do. now, she’s just trying to live out her normal life, until sam fox, her former co-star on birds of california, comes waltzing back into her life. and the worst news of all is that the studio wants to reboot the show. sam is immediately torn between convincing fiona to do something she doesn’t want to do and saving his career … or admitting his longtime feelings for the former actress herself. 

to me, this felt like evelyn hugo’s distant cousin - it had all of the same elements, but failed to make the same impact as she did. 

still, I enjoyed learning the back and forth life of riley bird herself, fiona st. james (another evelyn hugo reference lol) and how her past shaped her future. stories about hollywood are a slippery slope, and while I’m glad I read it, I would recommend others more. 

it was a predictable yet fun storyline, and I’m super glad I got to preview this one!! thank you to netgalley and harper ol line for the advanced copy in exchange for a review. 

rating: 3 stars
wine pairing: california merlot 

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