Gone to Earth ..., by Mary Gladys Meredith Webb

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A great read, perhaps a little dated in style, purple prose but compelling narrative, romantic, gothic, a bit melodramatic, evocative of Thomas Hardy at his bleakest. Hazel is a wonderful character.

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sensual attraction vs spiritual love

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Ahead of its time in its message of care for the natural world and condemnation of cruelty, whether it be against animals or by the ruling class against the less well-off. This clear message makes it less of a reluctant read than other Webb I've attempted, and some of the descriptions are amazing, the whole novel gives off an impression of foxy orange-red, golden light, and spring yellows. The whole lifts it against squirearchical melodrama which otherwise it would be, and the bit about the fairy harp was just, well, no for me - she would have known what she was hearing. But thees are small niggles and the whole is drenched in that same golden-hour light.
There is a fox who comes to my garden too and I do indeed call her or him 'Foxy'.
Is there something nasty in the woodshed? Of course. There always is.