Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith by Geof Smith

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I love how Little Golden Books transform my beloved Star Wars Series into a child friendly version

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There is a lot that goes unexplained between the end of The Attack of the Clones Golden Book and the beginning of The Revenge of the Sith Golden Book, and I'm trying to remember if the movies do the same thing.

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That was the weirdest (and definitely the darkest) Little Golden Book I've ever read. But it being dark didn't mean it couldn't have also been good! Here are the things I would have fixed:
1) Anakin, what have they done to you? You look like an old man with a bad face lift and a worse wig. Based on the rest of the art in this series, I'm confident they could have done better.
2) There was absolutely no mention of Uncle Owen until the very last page, which made the whole thing seem like it came out of nowhere. Even just a tiny sentence in the previous book would have helped.
3) I totally get why you didn't want to show Anakin in full lava-monster form. But if you're going to say "Obi-Wan strikes Anakin and sends him tumbling into the lava below," you can't keep drawing pictures of them fighting on a bridge. If it's confusing to me, it will definitely be confusing for the small children that this book is (allegedly) aimed at.
4) Again with the "I get it but you've gotta do something": Palpatine transforming into Darth Sidious. He doesn't look like the same guy and there's nothing in the illustrations that would explain it. It's really jarring.
5) There's absolutely no resolution to the Anakin-wants-to-save-Padmé plot, which is kind of the whole point.
Some other things that I would necessarily fix but that I found super funny:
1) After Padmé tells Anakin that she's pregnant, the need for emphasis is hilarious. "Anakin is happy!"
2) Was Padmé "perish[ing] of a broken heart" really necessary? I get that it allegedly happened, but...really? And it's just so dramatic for a kid's book.
3) Golden Books really don't know what to do with babies. Luke and Leia look like tiny gremlins. But in a hilariously adorable way?
4) "Anakin is happy!" really deserves a second bullet point.
Also thanks for not including the massacre of the younglings in a book for tiny children that would have been pretty scarring.