Battlepug: Volume 1, by Mike Norton, Skottie Young

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I mean, duh.

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this has been a roller coaster ride for me, and not in the fun sense.

I bought this because, like most people, the phrase "Battlepug" brings with it all kinds of wonderful images. I bought it online, so didn't realize until it arrived that a third of the cover has a random naked lady on the cover, which usually puts me off. I swallowed my pride, and read it.

And it sorta sucked.

The story itself is a Conan-the-Barbarian type thing which pulls all it's laughs from the horse-sized titular pug, who, besides being wonderfully drawn, has little else going for it. Even the two dogs that Moll - the inexplicably naked lady who narrates the story - is chatting to at least have the added novelty of speech. I have already forgotten our central manly heros name, which is a fair indicator of the impact he made.

Naked ladies is fine. There's lots of good ones around. But if you're going to put her on the cover, there'd better be a narrative-driven reason that she's hanging around posing for the benefit of two tiny dogs. The whole thing looks and acts like a drunken frat-boy drinking game.

It's a bit shit, and gives graphic novels a bad name. I would avoid.

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Interesting and creative but all I can do is be annoyed at the naked, buxom woman narrating.