From the Fields of Porthlenn, by Deborah M. Hathaway

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This is book 5 in the Cornish Romance series by @authordeborahmhathaway and a 5 out of 5 star book for me! It’s the perfect ending to this series.

While this can be read as a stand alone, I recommend reading all of them. We’ve met, or seen glimpses, of Poppy and Edmund several times in previous books and for this one the story is so much fuller and richer if you read them all!

Poppy has the perfect amount of spice with her love-able personality. She’s the country darling. We see another side of Poppy that makes your heart go out to her. The heartbreak from the first time Poppy and Edmund say goodbye is real and raw, setting up for an amazing second chance romance that will make your heart melt!

Edmund is the perfect tease. I loved seeing a deeper side from Edmund in this one and realizing there is more than meets the eye. He has to overcome past hurts and insecurities and it felt so real. His character arc was perfectly balanced within this book.

Edmund and Poppy are meant to be and I’m so glad @authordeborahmhathaway wrote their story!

From the Fields of Porthlenn is available NOW and ready for you to read! Trust me, you’re going to want this one❤️

Thanks to the author for the copy. All thoughts in this review are my own.

Content: small mentions of depression and child abuse.

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I’m hoping I can adequately express my love for this book, and the bittersweet knowledge that a favorite series has come to an end. I soaked up every minute of it & just like always was transported back to my favorite place in this world….

“You truly have not experienced a community—have not witnessed true beauty—until you’ve stepped foot in Tristwick with its hidden houses and breathtaking views.”

I want to move to this tiny fishing hamlet, and spend the rest of my days here. I’m in love, with the characters, the jutting cliffs, the sea pinks, the stormy ocean, all of it.

Oh Poppy & Edmond, how I have anticipated your story. We meet them in book 1. Poppy at the young age of 16 falls in love with the lieutenant, who is convalescing at Golowduyn after a shipwreck.

We see them again in book 4, ending on a promise that he will return for her.

Now, in book 5, it skips ahead a few years, and things have fallen apart between them.

The story that ensues is full of so much emotion and pulling, heartbreak and forgiveness. We learn that they both are harboring darkness from their past that they have to come to terms with in order to move forward.

My heart broke for them, I cheered for them. I wept with these characters, and the struggles and challenges they faced, yet never gave up. At the heart of it, Poppy and Edmond have an irreplaceable deep friendship and connection.

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While half of me is so happy Deborah added this book to her completed Cornwall series, the other half strongly feels like she could squeeze another six books into this beautiful landscape and world she has built. The setting and small seaside town is beautifully done.
Poppy's great love of her family and their fishing Hamlet knows no bounds. She turned down a marriage proposal that would take her away from it all. Several years later, she's hardened her heart against the only man who has tempted her to leave Tristwick. When Edmund Harris returns for a brief visit to his former captain, he attempts to avoid Poppy altogether, but she just keeps popping up.
This is a sloooooow burn romance. The build up is angsty and by the time Poppy and Edmund get to some happiness and closure, I needed something pretty epic to salvage my just-kiss-already feelings. Deborah did not disappoint.
I adore Deborah's love for Cornwall - and Poldark - that shines through in this series. Her passion for the location is something special. I'm eager to see what she creates next.
Thank you to the author for the gifted copy. All thoughts in this review are my own.

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Full review to come!