The Ordinary White Boy, by Brock Clarke

djrmelvin's review

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I forever will think of this book as "Wordy White Boy", rather than its given title, because no matter what else this book has going for it, that is what I have taken away from it. Clarke takes his main character on a journey from slacker to ...well, I'm not convinced that he ever actually arrived anywhere. There's lots of talk, both inner dialog and between characters, as Lemar Jr acknowledges his ordinariness and attempts to go beyond that (and I do mean LOTS of talk), but is there any resolution?

In all fairness, I must give Clarke credit for writing a truly wonderful description of women of a certain age: ....have reached an age where casual and formal cothes meet, and the common ground is glitter. I'm going to remember that one, and it's enough to move this one star book up to two stars.