Souls Unfractured, by Tillie Cole

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“The flames you believe run in your veins, did not engulf me. Instead, you gave me life. You gave me back my light.” Another tear fell down her cheek, and she whispered, “You, Flame. My Flame. My tortured boy. You gave me life and light.”

Maddie. The young and reserved one. The observer. The one who had been broken to the point where she hid herself away from view from everyone. There was only one person that chipped away at that fear, and that was the person who destroyed the one thing that she feared most of all.

Flame. The ruthless killer. The need to spill blood to keep the flames at bay. Inside, he’s on fire and emotionally and mentally fighting his feelings every moment of every day. He found someone that gave him a semblance of love and peace; even if it was just for a moment... it was all he ever wanted.

“Souls Unfractured,” is book three in the Hades Hangmen Series by Tillie Cole. It is about Flame and Maddie. Two broken people. One that can’t touch, and the other afraid to feel. They were brought together in a moment of chance, and they became each others salvation. Just seeing the emotionally charged moments between the two of them from the get go was riveting. They were so in tune with one another from the moment they met, and through their unlikely bond, it brought out the best pieces of them. It gave Flame the ability to overcome, and Maddie the reason to see her self worth. This was so tragically beautiful that I just couldn’t put it down.

Trigger warning advised

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Ethereal and haunting... Flame and Maddie are both so fragile emotionally, so standoffish with almost everyone, so wary. When they quietly start to connect against what appears to be insurmountable odds well, that’s when the magic starts ☺️❤️ and a beautifully drawn love story of two damaged souls connecting emerges!

There is just no way to prepare yourself for where this author will take you and the depths of all the emotions she will make you feel!

🌟🌟🌟🌟 1/2 of 5

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This book was so good!

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challenging dark emotional tense fast-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? Character
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? It's complicated
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes


I just want to hug Flame and Maddie

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My Flame, my tortured boy, had broken through the last of his defenses. He had found his voice. Flame, my always and forever, had found his song, like I had found mine. And through our love, he had finally found the courage to sing.

you know when the book doesn't have a trope because the characters invented a new one?

tw: rape, torture, self harm abuse, domestic violence, use of the r word, mentions of suicide, suicide, child neglection, bullying

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5 out of 5 Stars

Re-Read in January 2019

Souls Unfractured is book 3 in the Hades Hangmen Series. I really enjoyed Souls Unfractured and can't wait to continue with the Hades Hangmen Series. I loved Maddie and Flame. Souls Unfractured is my favorite book in the Hade Hangmen Series so far.

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Oh man. I thought the las book of this series was intense.. This one was more. I love Flame! ahhh. I may even love him more than Styx. Yeah he's a little crazy but Maddie takes the crazy away.

It's a story of two completely broken souls that slowly start to make a shitty world into a better one. The story is beautiful, I mean they can't even touch each other at first. I loved that the book was kind of just centered on them. There wasn't a lot of outside characters around. And Maddie wasn't really taken back to the order. I loved seeing them grow together. There really isn't another word for it but beautiful. It is very simple and pure. I loved how straight forward everything was. how he would just ask her why she was blushing or she would ask what he was thinking and he would be completely honest. You don't see that anymore. Beautiful.

And I loved seeing how much AK and Viking loved him. Really Flame would be a difficult guy to love when he went into one of his episodes before Maddie. But they did and they did it with zero judgement and zero tolerance for anyone treating him different. And now AK with little Ash! So I love AK and Viking very much. a

I will say this. There is a lot of darker subjects that even I had a hard time reading. I had to skim through some of it. There was a lot more in this book because it was coming from both of the main characters backgrounds and then you had Brother Cain POV in the Order compound and all the abuse that was going on there. So I will not lie, That was getting to be a little bit much for me.. only so much child abuse I can read about. Beware of that if you are going to read this book.

I saw that there was going to be a book for Rider.. I do not know if ill read it. I think it is hinting that he will end up with Phoebe. And okay good for him but I don't think I can take a whole book where it is based at The Order compound. Honestly it is so hard to stomach. I know its all fake but I still want to hunt them all down.... who am I kidding I will end up reading it because The Hangmen will be involved and I love them. sigh. Way to draw me in Tillie Cole. Way to draw me in.

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This is the second book I've read in this series and as I prefaced in the first one, I want to say that there are even more severe triggers for GRAPHIC self-harm and GRAPHIC rape. Please be careful if you find those subjects triggering because it does go into deep detail.

5/5 stars

^^ me the entire time I read this book, Jesus H. Christ this book had me in fits. This IS NOT at all a light and fluffy romance, this was tragic and each character had the most horrific backstory to go along with their damaged personalities.

this will probably contain spoilers to the previous books in this series, so read at your own peril

Maddie was classed as one of the 'cursed' while she was imprisoned by a nutcase religious cult that was truely disturbing in their theology. They believed that she was too beautiful and therefor satan had a direct hand in her creation and she suffered greatly at the hands of the cult's 'leaders'.

This book starts with Maddie living at the Hangman MC grounds, only feeling safe when Flame was patrolling her window. But when Flame suffers a mental breakdown, Maddie is the only one who understands what it's like to be haunted by demons, to fear the touch of everybody around them.

I was worried at first that this would fall into the trope of love cures mental illness, and although at times I thought it skirted the line a little, ultimately it was more about two damaged souls relating, in my opinion.

This is one fucked up story, filled with so much blood, gore, murder and pain. But there are also some super sweet parts, parts that had me crying from the feels. The characters in this book fight so much harder to better themselves and push through the horrors they had endured—I was literally so protective of them by the end.

The side characters in this book honestly were the best, they had more personality than the other characters did in the previous books, and I can't wait to read more about them. I just felt so many feels through this book, it was confronting and disturbing, but I just had to know what happened.

ALSO GUYS, the drawing the Maddie drew was at the end of the book and I literally broke down crying because they looked so beautiful. Okay, I'll shut up now.

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I loved this one sooo much more than the 1st. I skimmed book 2 and got to this one because I could not wait to hear Flame's story. And what a sick, twisted, horrific story it was. His story really pulls at the heart strings. It's so profoundly sad, especially considering how it still affected him so much. But Maddie and him coming together was just so perfect and beautiful. Their intimacy was so much deeper because you knew they were both so nervous and afraid, yet they were willing to try to overcome their pasts to be with one another. Maddie was Flame's anchor and he was her safety. There's not as much action between the Hangmen and the Order in this book, but I honestly don't think Flame could've handled what went on in the previous 2 books happening to Maddie anyway. The meeting between Flame and his tormentor was so satisfying. Call me sadistic, but I loved it. Great story all around.