I Moved to Los Angeles to Work in Animation by Natalie Nourigat

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funny informative inspiring lighthearted medium-paced


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hopeful informative inspiring lighthearted fast-paced


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emotional hopeful informative inspiring lighthearted reflective medium-paced


Big blocks of text!

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adventurous emotional funny hopeful informative inspiring medium-paced


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Pretty much a guide about getting a job as a storyboard animator in LA. Interesting at first but kind of dry, and very specific. If that's your thing it's super informative. I admit I skipped the last 10 or so pages of the conclusion. One thing that stuck out was that as usual, unions are great.

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funny lighthearted


Great book for what it is

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Read for Popsugar 2020 prompt "Book Set in a City That Has Hosted the Olympics" (LA - 1932, and 2028)

So, huge disclaimer: I can't draw, I have no interest in moving to LA, and I'll never work in animation (unless Cartoon Network suddenly has a huge need for HR ladies and the well from California to STL has been run dry lol), but I absolutely adored this book.

The color palette is so sweet and candy-like, and I love that the author explains the pros and cons of moving to LA to work in animation. While I may not be in the scene at all, one of my favorite things to learn about is the behind-the-scenes action that makes all the cool creative things I love happen, and this book delivers on that for sure!

Even if you're not interested in working in animation, I highly recommend reading this if you want a tiny sneak peek into how your cartoon faves get made.

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This is a great resources if you are looking into going into animation. As someone who is not, this was still a great book and very informative.

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Would not have got this book if I had realized it was a biography

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I have to start off this review by simply stating how much I loved this book, even if the 4/5 stars looks low for such a reaction.

Natalie Nourigat's "I Moved to Los Angeles to Work in Animation" should be required reading for any students of the arts, and anyone pursuing their future in any field or form with passion and just as many nerves. The honesty, humor, and easy going pacing makes the (subjective) truth of Nourigat et al's experiences considerable and even reliable while it will not be the same journey for everyone.

As someone who went to film school, and looks to return to the film world in some shape or form after graduating from my current college program, I feel confident in how it is possible (with the right environment) to balance love and work, work and love. Sometimes they are so harmonious that they are one and the same, and that is something we should strive for in whatever we do! The topics of past, present, and potential decisions have all motivated me as I continue to complete my degree and look for my career(s) after I walk the stage.

In short, the risks in the name of personal passion do not always pan out, and that it alright. It is something everyone experiences as they grow. Like the storyboards in the portfolios and studios of artists around the world, when things are not appearing how one would hope or feel that it should, erase and start anew.