Alpha Trine, by Lexi Ander

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The premise sounded great and I enjoyed the beginning but it just kinda fizzled out for me and just felt kinda muddled. I’ve heard so many glowing reviews for this book though, so hopefully I’ll try to pick this up again in the future!

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Left adrift in space as a baby, Zeus is now the adopted son of the Emperor and Empress of the Mar’Sani. They are the only family he knows, and he loves them all dearly. Even if the differences in his biology means he is always seen as an outsider to some of the Mar’Sani.

On his last day aboard the docking station that he currently works at, he meets Dargon and his symbiote, Alpha. It is probably best to say that Zeus is less than impressed with what he thinks is a pirate and his questionable ship. His impression is not exactly helped when he is kidnapped aboard ship by Dargon’s crew. But things are not as they seem aboard the spaceship, and Zeus, Alpha, and Dargon soon find themselves deeply intrenched in a battle that has been waging for quite some time. And if the three fail in their new mission, the whole universe could be at risk.

The first time I read this book was ages ago. Probably before I had read anything else by Lexi Ander. It is a little strange to go back to it now that I’ve consumed so much of the author’s work. Especially since the other series I’m currently hunkered down into is based firmly back here on Earth. But there are some good points to having a second crack at this book, even with all the time in between.

One of the bonuses of rereads is that you get to focus on all the small things you missed the first time around. I saw small hints in the scenes that I never saw previously, and it was fun to see the story from a slightly more knowledgeable standpoint. It also helped a lot with one of my main issues with this series–-that being there are so many bloody types of aliens to keep track of. Sometimes it is confusing and frustrating going thru a scene and then having to go back to figure out who is who. With this reread there was less of that, and I was extremely grateful.

The reread didn’t at all diminish my love of Alpha (who is probably my favorite character in this series) and Dargon. I have a special place in my heart for m/m/m relationships that are a little odd in configurations (see my absolute adoration of Jordan L. Hawk’s SPECTR series), and while you certainly see it more in the second book, the relationship between Dargon and Alpha is great.

Zeus is always going to be a harder sell to me. He is well written and all that jazz, but he suffers, I’m afraid, from the fact that I just don’t particularly care for alpha-male characters. And, well, the Mar’Sani males all seem to be very alpha. Even as children they seem to drip testosterone, and that is something that just doesn’t work with me. I do like him, I do, but Zeus is just a bit to brash and bull-ish for my tastes. It isn’t so bad when he is around Dargon and Alpha, but when he drifts more into his ‘fighter’ mode, I just get tempted to skim the scene.

Overall, though, I do enjoy this story. There is just so much going on that it make rereading it a lot of fun. And coming back to these characters is a lot easier than I thought it would be after so long. I am really looking forward to my reread of the second book.

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4.5 stars
It's a well known fact that I'm a total sucker for books with tons of aliens. And when the various alien species are abundant, with clearly differing cultures and varying physiologies, plus humans don't even appear on-page and are background antagonists?
That's my JAM right there!

Content warnings include: abandonment of infant, loss of child, adoption, blinding and restoring sight of a child, violation of reproductive freedome and unconsensual surgery on intersex child, general lack of research into being intersex, off-page discrimination of intersex people, violence and graphic injury, sex on-page, a very convoluted alien way of mpreg; mentions of torture, human(oid) experiments, xenophobia, discrimination, abusive past relationship.

Weirdly enjoyable is a apt description of what I thought of Alpha Trine in general. I am deeply invested into the story despite its numerous flaws. It's overly complicated while also repeatedly making use of clichéd tropes, and the writing style reminds me of older fanfiction sometimes - and yet I found myself absolutely unable to put the book down from the very first page.
On-paper and in retrospect I am surprised by how much of a good time I had while reading this book, and I cannot quite explain it in face of its flaws. I definitely want to know how this story continues, and I'm looking forward to the sequel.

I received an ARC and reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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DNF 73%
PROs: it’s interesting universe with many alien races, the plot is original, I like the relationship the main character has with his family.
CONs: the MC and ML are immediately attracted to each other, the narration it’s just a bit boring because of all the descriptions about the alien species and I’m not really feeling the symbiotic aspect of the relationship.

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I am a mean and vicious human and I am about to stab somebody's baby in the guts with an alien machete. If you have a problem with it, move along, if not - feel free to proceed.



There are more alien species in these 150 pages than in all five Star Treks combined.

Too much info is cramped into too short of a book. The author is overly descriptive and repetitive where it comes to tiniest details.

There are too many words that leave no room for emotional side of the story. The book is a list of events, without a chance for us to connect with what is happening and/or the characters. The only emotion came with an overused "male" ("the other male", "big male", "his male" and so on) and that emotion was frustration.

A grocery list is more emotional than this book.


MINOR spoilers below.

The overwhelming majority of aliens despise mean and treacherous humans.... oh, no, no, wait!!! There isn't a single human in this book. However, there is a lot of talk about vicious corporations. But no real, flesh and blood, humans, no :/

It only takes about 10% of the book to figure out that Zeus is not really human. Yet no one in the book notices that for a very very long time.

And so Zeus is hated for being "human", especially by Captain Wasshispants, whose ding-dong nevertheless popped up and proclaimed itself mated to Zeus after he had sniffed the man once.

The good Captain is on important mission - he is smuggling to safety a royal family rescued from the evil humans, who experimented on them.

The crew knows about the royal family, the crew interacts with them every day, the crew supports them and helps them, the crew hangs out with them, the crew is being kind and gentle to them. And yet every single one of those space idiots under the good Captain's command fail to see that Zues, who they also know pretty well, is re-lat-ed to the fa-mi-ly, as in bro-ther-slash-sis-ter car-bon co-py, same D.N.A kind of re-la-ted. And so they continue hating him.


To get you an idea what the writing is like with all descriptions (no always word for word, but pretty close):

... purple [creature] with blue antennae on her ridged forehead ran half a meter,

... "a massive guy, a half meter below three meters tall" (kid you not! - Mrella),

... her body covered in black and white silky fur, her tail, curled up above her head, twitching.


Not sure I will try any more books by this author :/

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I didn't feel right giving this 3 stars but since there's no half stars, I gave it the 4. While I did enjoy the world building, there was too much of an info dump after the story evolves to the space station. I honestly didn't mind the amount of different aliens or their descriptions but it came at the price of losing a lot of the plot. It really needed to be much longer to explain all of the many nuances and split story lines.

It's funny because, although I need descriptions for other species (or even just regular humans), if they become too detailed then my mind stops following. It's like if someone gives me convoluted directions and I am not writing them down, I am definitely going to get lost. LOL, that's my issue though, not a fault of the book.

I am really hoping that much more will be explained in the next book because I really enjoyed the characters, but more needed to be focused on the MCs. Which brings me to the point of this being the most interesting menage I have ever read. It took me a while to wrap my mind around Alpha being more than just sentient. They had their own personality and experiences beyond just being a symbiote and that was actually really cool. Once again, I hope that expounded upon in the next book.

I do wish the relationship was drawn out more because I would have liked to see more courting between the MCs. It could have been fun.

Now onto the next book.

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I really enjoyed this book. At times it was a bit tough to follow, especially with all the different alien races; trying to keep track of who was what and what they looked like was a bit of a challenge, but overall I really enjoyed reading this book and am keen to start the next book.

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This was enjoyable. I’m a little concerned the series won’t be finished. It looks like book 2 of 3 came out in 2014 with no date assigned to book 3. That makes me like this less.
It was fairly enjoyable. I had hoped to see more of the violent captain from Dargon but he rolled over like a puppy fairly quickly. I like the dream sequences and the questions of the missing brother (s?). It seems like it could be a good space drama if it were finished.

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The story was fun and the character concept was interesting. I think this story is the first in a series. There's definitely a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up.

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A complex science fiction action adventure that also happens to be an mmm? romance. I must admit the addition of Alpha in the relationship confused me a little, but I didn't let that detract from the wonderful cornucopia of alien species each with their own special abilities. The plot is simple but the setting is very complex so mostly this is for lovers of sf