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challenging emotional hopeful informative inspiring reflective medium-paced


I am grateful that the author wrote this book and that I had the opportunity to read it.  Care Work is urgent, crucial, challenging, confronting, and so so needed.  I was deeply personally affected by some of the chapters, feeling like personal experiences and feelings I've had were named in ways that I appreciate and will carry with me.  I also feel like I've learned a lot, including about areas that I can do better, and will bring that learning into the work that I do -- I'm glad for those lessons, too.  Highly, highly recommend.

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challenging emotional informative reflective slow-paced


Rating may be revised later.
Part VI was really good and gave me a lot to think about, but other parts were repetitive, reductive, bad advice (eg regarding medication) or, just, lots of acronyms that weren't explained (the irony that it discusses making writing less academic to be accessible is not lost on me).

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