Sacrifices of War, by Kevin Ryan

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adventurous fast-paced


Wraps up all the threads quite nicely, in a way that I didn’t expect when I started the first book - by revisiting Errand of Mercy. While the episode always mentioned that the Federation and the Klingon Empire were at the brink of war, the combination of TOS’s weekly adventure format and ‘60s TV styles always meant that it never really felt that dire. By exploring the buildup of tensions between the powers over six books and several bloody encounters in space, on the ground, and on space stations, the events of the episode, and even Kirk and Kor’s frustration at being prevented from going to war, gain much more weight and solidity.

judenoseinabook's review

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Good conclusion to the 2nd of 2 trilogies, meshing in with the TV series I remember from my youth.
Satisfactory wrapping up of lots of story lines and an enjoyable read.