Flinch Book Two, by Brian Azzarello

erikaneves's review against another edition

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Esse volume 2 tem o mesmo problema do primeiro: a irregularidade das histórias, sendo que no primeiro volume tínhamos algumas histórias excelentes e neste as histórias são no máximo medianas.
Gostei, mas só recomendo pra quem como eu, gosta muito do gênero terror. Ou então seja fã de alguns dos artistas, as as histórias são tão curtas que sinceramente, acho que não vale a pena.

woowottreads's review

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Meh. Most of the art is meh. Most of the stories are meh. Now, since I don't read tons of Western comics, I feel like some of these guys don't normally write horror. Some of these seemed unfinished, half-assed, uncertain. Some of the endings were disappointing after an otherwise decent story. Joe R. Lansdale and Mike Carey had some of the best offerings in this. Some of the art was cartoony, but fit. Some of the art was mediocre. And some of it was good. As usual with an anthology, the stories are all over the place in terms of quality and enjoyment. On the whole, though, I think I'll be donating this to the library.

glitterandtwang's review

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Meh. The first story, which is more of a ghost story than it is horror, was the best one. WAY too many weird orgies and bizarre sex scenes. If that's the best a writer can do to try and creep me out, I'm not interested. Give me weird, psychological horror or strange ghosts instead. I guess I'm just not afraid of perverts? Kinda regretted wasting one of my Hoopla checkouts on this.