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Unashamed: Musings of a Fat, Black Muslim by Leah Vernon

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brooketreads's review against another edition

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challenging emotional sad tense medium-paced
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I felt Leah’s situation with her dad was really relatable for me. Though my dad had multiple other wives, never any other kids though. Yeah, dad who’s barely there and when he was there it wasn’t great. This was a bit of a tough read at times. Leah shares a lot of tough things like domestic violence and mental health. I loved that she went to counseling. I wish Leah would have split with her husband much sooner. Their relationship was already so toxic at that point and to add in the cheating was just ughhh. They both deserved better.

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sarah984's review against another edition

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reflective slow-paced


I bought this because the blurb talked about body positivity, but the book is actually just a kind of shallow person saying mean things about other women and blaming everyone else for her own shortcomings. It was brave to publish something so vulnerable but it might have been good to do a bit more work in therapy first.

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