Wings of Shadow by Anna Kyss

lucy_qhuay's review

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Oh my gosh, this book was pure torture!
The cover is just so wonderfully mysterious and intriguing that you feel like the story is going to be the same but then you actually read this book and you find it a huge hot ass mess.

First of all, I would have liked a lot more world building.
Things happened way too quickly and there was a lot left to explain, which I didn't like. I would have liked to stop and think about what happened and the reasons behind it but things just kept happening and happening and I just had time to think "Who? Why? How?"
And worst of all, I had no damn answers.

Second, the concept of the book is just ridiculous.
It wasn't the fact that the faeries in this book are organized in two groups - Faeries of the light (the good ones) and Faeries of the shadow (the bad ones) or whatever - because that is reminiscent of all the other fey stories that I've read of and the fact that they are divided in 2 groups too: the Summer Court and the Winter Court.
It was the fact that the good ones are some very hippie folks all worried about plants and rocks and whatever and the supposedly bad ones are some freaky bloodsuckers.

And what do I have to say about the fact that the author introduced Darwin's Theory Of Evolution among all this freakishness? Totally inappropriate and out of place.
Darwin's revolutionary ideas have absolutely nothing to do with the world of faeries and it is absolutely ridiculous for the author to use science to try to explain something that cannot be exlained with it like the faeries.

And to end all of this, I just have to say that all the characters of this forsaken book are simply a bunch of idiots.
The heroine, Meghan, is just a tstl kind of heroine. What girl, in her right mind, goes on a date with a guy she just met and even worse, goes to some freakishly suspicious place full of weird people, where incredibly suspicious events occur?
And what kind of girl, after being imprisoned, having her neck cut with a knife and having said boy drinking blood of her damn neck, still feels attracted to that boy and wants him to come back to her and "explain" what really happened.
Girl, what do you think it happened? The guys is just damn crazy and you should get your ass moving and find some way to make him stay away from you.

And you can tell by my words that Kiernan, the hero, is not much of a hero to me. He's damn weird and crazy and I would rather plunge an iron knife into his damn heart than develop some kind of romantic feeling towards him.

The only character that came close to make a good impression on me was Avery, Kiernan's twin brother.
He was sweet but, still, he had to go a long way to make me love him.

So, please, read this book at your own risk.

rayne's review

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3.5 stars
I read this book as a part of the Love. Magic. Adrenaline! Collection.
I really enjoyed this story. I didn’t quite give it 4 stars because I was a little put of by Meaghan - her character was just so shallow. I loved the twists and turns with the Fae and my all time fave would have to be Wish!
I was left wanting to know more - so yes there is a little cliffhanger at the end. A good start to the series - so I may have to check out book 2.

misswinchester84's review

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Loved it

I loved this story! At times it was child innocence and others adult like and romance. You are with the heroin which twin. The ending was shocking and sad. I hope to read more in this series cause I couldn't put it down.

grimoiregrove's review

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I have to admit that the cover was the first thing that caught my attention while I was searching through the Kindle store. I was interested when I read that it was about fairies. There are not many book about the fae so I decided to take a chance with this one. The storyline was great but I would have like there to have been a little more to the story, maybe a bit longer as well. The characters had me feeling a mixture of emotions throughout the story. The author did a wonderful job putting together the romance, mystery, humor, and magic for this fictional world. This book is for both young and old readers. My only complaint being I wish there was more to it and that is was a little longer but all in all I enjoyed it.