Too Hot to Handle, by Katie Agnew

brooklynrough's review

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Kate Agnew has a way of writing different perspectives well, perspectives that are unique and flushed out. Perspectives that we can all relate to or at least understand with an emotional connection.

I found myself drawn to each perspectives chapter in this book and while if some had their own stand alone book based on their circumstance I probably wouldn't of picked it up, I enjoyed reading about them here. Wound between each person's story, stage of life, and relationship with others, this plot was fast pace for the most part, stayed interesting, and stayed unique to the circumstances.

The downside was the ending which I thought could of been elaborated as everything is announced, happens, and is wound back together for a happy ending in less than 50 pages. I would of also liked to see more of the perspectives in the epilogue. I also thought Gabriel's character was not flushed out enough throughout the book and coming to the end, and the plot twist he was involved in, felt a bit surreal, and I guess not as dark and shocking as it could of been.

I feel that this book, despite it's darker aspects like murder, suicide, cheating, child abuse and an emotionally abusive marriage stayed at the bay of a contemporary, romantic story with some darker themes. This meant that reading this was fast, enjoyable, and an escape from mundane life, but also hinted to a whole other genre and type of writing that delved deeper and flushed further plots out. The book did not go this way though.

I think this book confirmed that one of my fave types of books are the ones with multiple perspectives, and it's a sub-genre I want to explore more.