The Barony Bet by Kai Butler

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4.5 stars rounded to 5.

You know when you read the term “rollicking” and you think to yourself, “What does that even mean?” It means this book. Seriously, I would usually snicker at the term “rollicking good time of an adventure romance” except...well… that’s what this is.

I mean - what else would you get with best friends trying to figure out what they mean to each other (turns out that it’s everything, they mean everything to each other) as they: save a barony from a nefarious woman of ill-repute; deal with an elderly butler who meanders somewhat physically and mentally; sort out the futures of 3 young women they don’t quite know; and manage to cross paths with spies, space pirates, officers of the Imperial Space Navy, and an overly-strict father in need of a bit of attitude adjustment in the process. Oh, and place lots of bets with each other throughout.

This is frothy light-hearted romance at its best - Heyer-in-space without the problematic bigotry, the Liaden universe with more banter. Set aside a day and be ready for people to ask why you keep laugh-snorting while you read.

Copy received for honest review.

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emotional funny mysterious medium-paced


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4 stars I really liked the story!

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What a romp! Totally enjoyed it!

4.5 stars! This has restored my faith in space Regency stories:) At first, I wasn't I sure I liked Deva - he seemed a bit of a doormat with little backbone *didn't help that he didn't stand up to his father). But, once really he's been trying to keep his out of trouble. Once he's out of his father's orbit (literally) and along with his best friend, Asta, he really comes into his own.
Asta has quite an adventure - dealing with treachery, being coerced into a fake relationship with his bestie and finally finding love with said bestie made for a very entertaining story! Lots of funny and sweet moments.