Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #1, by George Mann, Emma Vieceli

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I love the 8th Doctor! So I was excited to read some fun stories and adventures involving him and his new companion. Overall, I really enjoyed how each issue connected to the next and how it created an overarching mystery to solve.

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The Eighth Doctor remains one of my all-time favorites. I just love his excitement when it comes to... well, pretty much anything. Also, I just love Paul McGann, so there's that too. My goal in life is to listen to all of the Eighth Doctor's audio adventures.

Anyways! I greatly enjoyed this graphic novel. The stories were fun, and I liked the surprise appearance at the end. I definitely want to continue reading this series.

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This was really cute and really well drawn. It gives a lot of character to the 8th Doctor and really expands on who he is in this particular regeneration with hints from the others. It's my first encounter with 8 outside of the (travesty of the) movie and I really liked what I saw! I also liked the way the story was linked so well done there.

Spoilermy one quibble is that there was no reason for the 12th Doctor to be involved and it didn't really make any sense. Seriously just let this be about 8. It doesn't have to have 12 to keep it relevant. :/

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Ok good, so when does the next one come out?