Spider-Man 2: The Daily Bugle Stories

Steve Ditko, Jacob Ben Gunter, Alfred Gough, Jasmine Jones, David Koepp, Miles Millar, Alvin Sargent, Stan Lee

dark medium-paced

144 pages | first published 2004

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Spider-Man . . . hero or menace? This collection of stories from the Daily Bugle lets you decide. While the editorial staff blasts headlines about a "wall-crawling glory hound," other articles and letters to the editor give Spider-Man credit for some amazing rescues. You' ll also get the lowdown on rampaging lunatic, Doc Ock. Is he in league with Spider-Man? Gossip columns, advice columns -- it's all here in the Daily Bugle -- everything you need to know about Spider-Man and his friends. So what are you waiting for? Read it now!

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