Alien Tongue

The Next Wave

Isaac Asimov, Stephen Leigh, Rudy Rucker

fiction science fiction
adventurous reflective fast-paced

327 pages | first published 1991

The future is already here...

Computers, the space shuttle, biogenetics - what was once the domain of science fiction is now business as usual. Developments in science and technology are propelling us forward so fast that only a few dare to speculate where we might be tomorrow.

Take a step toward our future in out space with two of the leading minds in science fiction and science fact, as you explore the possibilities of communicating with an alien race.

Author Stephen Leigh opens up a startling new world on the other side of a newly discovered wormhole in space.

Scientist and author Rudy Rucker examines the latest developments in the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence and proposes what kind of alien we might eventually find.

With an introduction by Issac Asimov.

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