Be Dazzled

Ryan La Sala

fiction lgbtqia+ young adult
emotional fast-paced

336 pages | first published 2021

Who's ready to sparkle??

Project Runway goes to Comic Con in an epic queer love story about creativity, passion, and finding the courage to be your most authentic self.

Raffy has a passion for bedazzling. Not just bedazzling, but sewing, stitching, draping, pattern making--for creation. He's always chosen his art over everything--and everyone--else and is determined to make his mark at this year's biggest cosplay competition. If he can wow there, it could lead to sponsorship, then art school, and finally earning real respect for his work. There's only one small problem... Raffy's ex-boyfriend, Luca, is his main competition.

Raffy tried to make it work with Luca. They almost made the perfect team last year after serendipitously meeting in the rhinestone aisle at the local craft store--or at least Raffy thought they did. But Luca's insecurities and Raffy's insistence on crafting perfection caused their relationship to crash and burn. Now, Raffy is after the perfect comeback, one that Luca can't ruin.

But when Raffy is forced to partner with Luca on his most ambitious build yet, he'll have to juggle unresolved feelings for the boy who broke his heart, and his own intense self-doubt, to get everything he's ever wanted: choosing his art, his way.

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lighthearted 83%
funny 70%
hopeful 54%
emotional 45%
inspiring 37%
adventurous 16%
tense 8%
reflective 4%
relaxing 4%


medium 50%
fast 50%

Strong character development?

Yes: 90% | No: 10%

Loveable characters?

Yes: 75% | It's complicated: 15% | No: 10%

Diverse cast of characters?

Yes: 78% | It's complicated: 21%

Flaws of characters centre-stage?

Yes: 89% | It's complicated: 5% | No: 5%

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