Death Walks the Woods

Francis Pettigrew #4

Cyril Hare

fiction crime mystery
informative mysterious slow-paced

222 pages | first published 1954

'That Yew Tree's Shade' - originally published in 1954 - is a Francis Pettigrew mystery, and was published in the US as 'Death Walks the Woods'.

Francis Pettigrew, a former barrister and sometimes amateur detective, is plucked out of what promises to be a peaceful retirement in the Home Counties to deputise for the County Court judge. The proceedings offer him some unexpected insights into the lives of the new neighbours that he has - until now - only observed through his field glasses.

When the body of a penniless widow known for her good works is found on Yew Hill, a famous local beauty spot, Pettigrew is drawn into the case as a witness. Despite his best efforts to leave the inquiry to the police, it is he, with the unconscious help of a teenage boy, who puts the finishing touches on the solution.

'Cyril Hare's style is easy and fluent, and his books are eminently readable ... A great novelist.' - Spectator

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