From living space ships to hapless thieves getting more than they bargained for, this collection has something for every genre reader.

Table of Contents:

Foreword — Patrick Rothfuss


Introduction — Veronica Belmont
Soft as a Feather When Done Right — Nicole Feldringer
A Night for Spirits and Snowflakes — Aidan Moher
Saltwater Skin — Kristy Sutherland
Partly Petrified — Auston Habershaw
The Lesser Evil — Day Al-Mohamed
White Flame — Jeffrey N. Baker
How Fox Fixed the Sky — Stephen Case
A Good Man — Zachary Tringali
Knowing Better — Paul Krueger
The Novice’s Guide to Adventuring — Sean Tadsen


Introduction — Tom Merritt
The Osiris Paradox — Sarina Dorie
Leviathan! Leviathan! — Jacob A. Boyd
Jonah’s Daughter — Adam Callaway
Birdy — Rebecca J. Thomas
The Same International Orange — Luke R. Pebler
Afterword — Mike Murphy
Data Dump — Trisha L. Senbastian
Honeybun — Austin Malone
False Lights — Victoria Hooper
Only Darkness — David Emery

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