The Tragedy of Y

Drury Lane #2

Barnaby Ross, Ellery Queen

fiction mystery
dark mysterious tense medium-paced

344 pages | first published 1932

Some bizarre things have been happening to the eccentric Hatter family. First, the body of York Hatter is recovered from the ocean. But he didn’t drown. He died of poison. Next, another poisoning occurs in the Hatters’ old mansion in New York’s Greenwich Village. This time the police have a witness. But what a witness! She is a blind, deaf mute. Naturally the authorities call in Drury Lane—retired Shakespearean actor. Matinee idol. Master of disguise. Amateur sleuth who finds “crime the highest refinement of human drama”. Ellery Queen’s most flamboyant detective.

Here is another novel in the great tradition. All clues are scrupulously presented to you, the reader. Can you unmask the murderer before Drury Lane does? (Publisher’s description)

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