Евангелие на змиорките by Patrik Svensson, Патрик Свенсон

Евангелие на змиорките

Patrik Svensson, Патрик Свенсон

nonfiction nature science informative reflective medium-paced

missing page info | first published 2019


Drawing on a breadth of research about eels in literature, history, and modern marine biology, as well as his own experience fishing for eels with his father, Patrik Svensson crafts a mesmerizing portrait of an unusual, utterly misunderstood, and ...
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informative 96%
reflective 64%
emotional 28%
mysterious 26%
sad 15%
adventurous 11%
funny 9%
inspiring 9%
relaxing 8%
challenging 7%
lighthearted 7%
dark 3%
hopeful 2%


medium 61%
slow 32%
fast 6%

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