From the Introduction: "Everyone: Worlds Without Walls brings together in common purpose some of the brightest stars in SF, authors from every continent on the planet save Antarctica. In seeing through the eyes of gifted writers from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America, we not only grow in empathy and understanding, but we also gain reassurance that there are others like us all across the globe who wonder and imagine....

"SF challenges us to look beyond and ahead, and we must use it to meet the forces who would have us look only within or behind. Everyone does this in grand fashion."

Official Description: Everyone: Worlds Without Walls, a collection of World SF, is a scintillating showcase of what it means to value everyone. With talent and tales from diverse nations, cultures, races, and experiences, this anthology explores and celebrates how we are greater together -– and, conversely, the need to tear down walls of ignorance, prejudice, and injustice.

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