Queens Full

Ellery Queen Detective #Short Stories 7

Ellery Queen

fiction classics mystery short stories
mysterious fast-paced

176 pages | first published 1960

Foster Benedict, aging matinee idol, didn't like playing the sticks. He was sabotaging the Wrightsville production of The Death of Don Juan, turning it into a farce. When the curtain rose on the second act, Benedict was dead. There were plenty of suspects--it seemed Foster Benedict had upstaged everyone in town. Ellery Queen's job was a little like a casting director's--there was plenty of talent, but no one was right for the part of killer!

* The Death of Don Juan
* (Argosy, 5/62 reprinted in EQMM, 8/64) The Wrightsville Heirs
* (Better Living, 1/56 reprinted in EQMM, 11/57) The Case Against Carroll
* (Argosy, 8/58 reprinted in Suspense 04/59 and in EQMM, 9/60) E = Murder
* (This Week, 8/14/60 reprinted in EQMM, 5/61) Diamonds in Paradise
(EQMM, 9/54)

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