The Collected Tales of Nurse Matilda. by Christianna Brand

Nurse Matilda #1-3

Christianna Brand, Edward Ardizzone

fiction childrens fantasy
funny lighthearted fast-paced

382 pages | first published 2005

Mr. and Mrs. Brown were forever having trouble with their numerous and incredibly naughty children... until the day Nurse Matilda entered their lives.

First published nearly fifty years ago, Nurse Matilda and its two companion books-Nurse Matilda Goes to Town and Nurse Matilda Goes to Hospital-have charmed readers ever since. Now the inspiration for the major motion picture Nanny McPhee, all three beloved books are available once again in a paperback omnibus edition which features the three complete and unabridged books by Christianna Brand, along with Edward Ardizzone's charming black-and-white illustrations. This movie tie-in edition also features an eight-page color photo insert.

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