The Stand

Stephen King

fiction horror
adventurous dark tense medium-paced

1153 pages

Stephen King's apocalyptic vision of a world blasted by plague and tangled in an elemental struggle between good and evil remains as riveting--eerily plausible--as when it was first published. The New York Times called it the book that has everything. Adventure. Romance. Prophecy. Allegory. Satire. Fantasy. Realism. Apocalypse. Great

Soon to be a limited series on CBS All Access

A patient escapes from a biological testing facility, unknowingly carrying a deadly weapon: a mutated strain of super-flu that will wipe out 99 percent of the world's population within a few weeks. Those who remain are scared, bewildered, and in need of a leader. Two emerge--Mother Abagail, the benevolent 108-year-old woman who urges them to build a peaceful community in Boulder, Colorado; and Randall Flagg, the nefarious "Dark Man," who delights in chaos and violence. As the dark man and the peaceful woman gather power, the survivors will have to choose between them--and ultimately decide the fate of all humanity.

(This edition includes all of the new and restored material first published in The Stand The Complete And Uncut Edition.)

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dark 94%
adventurous 83%
tense 70%
emotional 47%
mysterious 43%
challenging 38%
sad 29%
hopeful 19%
reflective 19%
funny 8%
inspiring 2%
informative 1%
lighthearted 1%


slow 50%
medium 42%
fast 7%

Strong character development?

Yes: 87% | It's complicated: 10% | No: 1%

Loveable characters?

Yes: 55% | It's complicated: 30% | No: 14%

Diverse cast of characters?

Yes: 48% | No: 26% | It's complicated: 21% | N/A: 3%

Flaws of characters centre-stage?

Yes: 67% | No: 18% | It's complicated: 12% | N/A: 1%

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