Mary: The Adventures of Mary Shelley's Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Granddaughter

Brea Grant

nonfiction comics graphic novel young adult
adventurous dark fast-paced

144 pages

When angsty teenager Mary Shelley is not interested in carrying on her family's celebrated legacy of being a great writer, but she soon discovers that she has the not-so-celebrated and super-secret Shelley power to heal monsters, just like her famous ancestor, and those monsters are not going to let her ignore her true calling anytime soon.

Everyone expects sixteen-year-old Mary to be a great writer. After all, her mother, her aunt, and her grandmother are all successful writers (as they constantly remind her)--not to mention her famous namesake, the OG Mary Shelley, horror author extraordinaire. But Mary is pretty sure she's not cut out for that life. She can't even stay awake in class Then one dark and rainy night, she's confronted with a whole new destiny. Mary has the ability to heal monsters... and they're not going to leave her alone until she does.

With the help of a mysterious (and mysteriously cute) stranger, a Harpy, a possessed stuffed bunny, and her BFF Rhonda, Mary must uncover her family's darkest secret if she's going to save the monster world... and herself.

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adventurous 79%
funny 75%
lighthearted 45%
mysterious 41%
dark 29%
hopeful 16%
inspiring 16%
informative 12%
relaxing 4%


fast 72%
medium 28%

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