The Unconquered City

The Chronicles of Ghadid #3

K.A. Doore

fiction fantasy
adventurous fast-paced

400 pages | first published 2020

The final volume in K. A. Doore's critically-acclaimed assassin fantasy series

Seven years have passed since the Siege — a time when the hungry dead had risen — but the memories still haunt Illi Basbowen. Though she was trained to be an elite assassin, now the Basbowen clan act as Ghadid's militia force protecting the resurrected city against a growing tide of monstrous guul that travel across the dunes.

Illi's worst fears are confirmed when General Barca arrives, bearing news that her fledgling nation, Hathage, also faces this mounting danger. In her search for the source of the guul, the general exposes a catastophic secret hidden on the outskirts of Ghadid.

To protect her city and the realm, Illi must travel to Hathage and confront her inner demons in order to defeat a greater one — but how much can she sacrifice to protect everything she knows from devastation?

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adventurous 100%
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hopeful 50%
mysterious 50%


medium 50%
fast 50%

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