The Queen of Nothing

The Folk of the Air #3

Holly Black

fiction fantasy romance young adult
adventurous dark tense fast-paced

300 pages | first published 2019

He will be destruction of the crown and the ruination of the throne.

Power is much easier to acquire than it is to hold onto. Jude learned this lesson when she released her control over the wicked king, Cardan, in exchange for immeasurable power.

Now as the exiled mortal Queen of Faerie, Jude is powerless and left reeling from Cardan’s betrayal. She bides her time determined to reclaim everything he took from her. Opportunity arrives in the form of her deceptive twin sister, Taryn, whose mortal life is in peril.

Jude must risk venturing back into the treacherous Faerie Court, and confront her lingering feelings for Cardan, if she wishes to save her sister. But Elfhame is not as she left it. War is brewing. As Jude slips deep within enemy lines she becomes ensnared in the conflict’s bloody politics.

And, when a dormant yet powerful curse is unleashed, panic spreads throughout the land, forcing her to choose between her ambition and her humanity…

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author Holly Black, comes the highly anticipated and jaw-dropping finale to The Folk of the Air trilogy.

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adventurous 89%
dark 55%
tense 51%
emotional 46%
mysterious 27%
hopeful 14%
challenging 11%
funny 9%
lighthearted 6%
inspiring 5%
sad 4%
reflective 3%
informative 0%
relaxing 0%


fast 62%
medium 33%
slow 3%

Strong character development?

Yes: 82% | It's complicated: 10% | No: 6% | N/A: 0%

Loveable characters?

Yes: 71% | It's complicated: 23% | No: 4%

Diverse cast of characters?

No: 38% | Yes: 31% | It's complicated: 22% | N/A: 7%

Flaws of characters centre-stage?

Yes: 85% | It's complicated: 6% | No: 5% | N/A: 1%

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