The Art of Map Illustration: A step-by-step artistic exploration of contemporary cartography and mapmaking

Hennie Haworth, Stuart Hill, Sarah King, James Gulliver Hancock

nonfiction art
informative lighthearted slow-paced

144 pages | first published 2018

In The Art of Map Illustration, four well-known artists take you on a journey through their unique techniques to mapmaking with a range of media, including pen and ink, watercolor, and mixed media, plus tips and advice for working digitally.

Each artist provides a brief overview of their recommended tools and materials, along with tips and inspiration for using, exploring, and experimenting with the medium. From intricate line drawings, to bold and colorful city maps, you will bring your favorite locations to life, and use visual storytelling to express time and place.

Packed with engaging instruction, professional tips, and beautiful finished artwork, The Art of MapIllustration is the perfect resource for contemporary artists seeking to learn the time-treasured art form of cartography.

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