Death Sets Sail

Murder Most Unladylike Mystery #9

Robin Stevens

fiction historical middle grade mystery
mysterious fast-paced

386 pages | first published 2020

The final novel in the number-one bestselling, award-winning Murder Most Unladylike series.

Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are in Egypt, where they are taking a cruise along the Nile. They are hoping to see some ancient temples and a mummy or two; what they get, instead, is murder.

Also travelling on the SS Hatshepsut is a mysterious society called the Breath of Life: a group of genteel English ladies and gentlemen, who believe themselves to be reincarnations of the ancient pharaohs. Three days into the cruise their leader, Theodora Miller, is found dead in her cabin, stabbed during the night. It soon becomes clear to Daisy and Hazel that Theodora's timid daughter Hephzibah, who is prone to sleepwalking, is being framed. And within the society, everyone has a reason to want Theodora dead...

Daisy and Hazel leap into action and begin to investigate their most difficult case yet. But there is danger all around, and only one of the Detective Society will make it home alive...

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adventurous 100%
mysterious 81%
emotional 62%
lighthearted 31%
funny 25%
hopeful 18%
tense 18%
challenging 6%
dark 6%
inspiring 6%


fast 62%
medium 37%

Plot- or character-driven?

A mix: 66% | Plot: 33%

Strong character development?

Yes: 93% | No: 6%

Loveable characters?

Yes: 93% | It's complicated: 6%

Diverse cast of characters?

Yes: 100%

Flaws of characters a main focus?

Yes: 46% | It's complicated: 30% | N/A: 15% | No: 7%

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