Sociopathic Society: A People's Sociology of the United States

Charles Derber

nonfiction politics sociology
informative medium-paced

307 pages | first published 2013

Charles Derber introduces and vividly explains the idea of a "sociopathic society"-and why the idea has become necessary to understand today's world. Sociopathic society is rooted in governments and economies, not psychiatry. The book offers a new sociology of societies organized around antisocial values, which ultimately lead to societal and planetary self-destruction. Most of the sociopathic behaviors are perfectly legal and are perpetrated by governments, financial institutions, and corporate capitalism. Focusing on the United States, Derber connects the dots of Wall Street meltdown, guns and murder, uninhibited greed, the 1% and the 99%, a new crisis of unemployable "surplus people," Hurricane Sandy and global warming, cheating scandals, and more-including the war on democracy itself. Although the book brings together a breathtaking set of stories of a system run wild, it also offers hope, showing pathways for confronting and avoiding the many ways a society can "commit sociocide."

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