A Colourful Death

Cornish Mystery #2

Carola Dunn

fiction mystery
dark mysterious fast-paced

337 pages | first published 2010

Eleanor Trewynn is a recently retired widow who has moved to the small village of Port Mabyn in Cornwall. A lifetime of traveling the world, working for a charitable organization in some of the poorest parts of the world, has made her capable of handling nearly anything. Now, however, Eleanor is ready for an uneventful life with her dog and friends in this quiet town, but unfortunately, excitement seems to follow her around.
Her friend and neighbor, artist Nick Gresham, returns to Port Mabinogion from a trip to London to find several of his paintings slashed, likely by rival local artist Geoffrey Monmouth. When Nick goes to have it out with him, with Eleanor in tow, they find Monmouth’s body in his studio—he’s been fatally stabbed in the back. Accused of the crime at the scene by Monmouth’s hysterical girlfriend, Nick Gresham is the most likely suspect and immediately under a dark cloud of suspicion. Detective Inspector Scumble and DS Megan Pencarrow, Eleanor’s niece, have been assigned to investigate the murder, but Eleanor isn’t leaving anything to chance. Once she starts doing a little investigating of her own, she learns that Nick is far from the only one with a compelling motive for murder.


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