The Brides of Aberdar

Christianna Brand

challenging mysterious tense slow-paced

252 pages | first published 1982

In the old Tudor manor house of Aberdar, ghosts return to haunt each new generation.

Getting down from the carriage at Aberdar Manor, the new governess, Miss Tetterman, is repelled by the pervasive shadows and gloom--until little Lyneth and Christine come flying into her empty arms. No one can resist these motherless twins, and from this day on, Lyneth and Christine will always be Tetty's "darlings." Who else would immediately accept Tetty and her scarred face? But she is so warm and good, perhaps Sir Edward himself will grow too fond of her--or so fears the bitter spinster Tante Louise, plotting against the intruder.

The gentle Hil, who manages the estate, might also be a suitable match for Tetty. But Hil has a dim ability to see into the future, and so he greets Tetty with dread. At first only Hil knows of the ancient curse that hangs over the future brides of Aberdar--but once the Aberdar women are engaged or married, the ghosts of the Manor begin to show themselves, unleashing their seductive power to enmesh and destroy.

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